“I have known Ethan for a long time and have seen him develop, mature and hone his craft and become the monster musician that he is today. Pathos and Logos is a well crafted CD that has everything you want, need and look for in a great music CD.  You must experience it!”
– Rob Balducci (Favored Nations Recording Artist)

“Ethan’s all-encompassing abilities really shine on this record.  A well-rounded player to say the least!”
-Dave Weiner (Steve Vai Band, Favored Nations Recording Artist)

“Really great stuff!  So much diversity track by track.  One minute I’m listening to 7-string metal and the next I feel as if I’ve discovered some fantastic unreleased Lane/Hellborg-era gem!  There hasn’t been a guitar instrumental record of this caliber since Guthrie Govan’s debut back in ’06!”
– David Bishea (Reviewer for instrumentalcase and Creator of the “Guitars Suck” video series.)

“Wails like Page on Zep 1, just more accurate.” -Spyros Poulos, Producer and Engineer (Al Di Meola, Liquid Tension Experiment)

“This is a must have disc from a master of the guitar. Listening to him, one thing is very evident: he has total control over his guitar and his emotions flow effortlessly through it. He is easily one of the greatest players I have ever seen, a true virtuoso.” -Sal Tine, Owner, The Guitar Fix, NY

“Ethan’s writing and performances on the new album are outstanding. From exquisite phrasing to super shred, Ethan does it all! It’s rare to find such a versatile musician with this seasoned level of musicality! Awesome work!” –Carl Roa (Magic Elf, Carl Roa Band)

“This record displays some serious guitar virtuosity and composition. Ethan is a talented, serious musician that knows exactly what he is doing. No text book riffs or faking here, this man is a guitar playing architect.”
– Fred Guarino, Producer/President of Tiki Studios